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Bear Essentials

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The Bear Essentials is a newsletter in the Athletic Training Program that is released once a semester.  Within this newsletter, there are interviews with current students and preceptors, important news and dates, and awards and accomplishments that were received throughout the semester.


Bear Essentials Fall 2014


Bear Essentials Spring 2014

Bear Essentials Spring 2017

Bear Essentials Spring 2018

Bear Essentials Spring 2019

BSU Bear Spotlight


The 2020 Annual Athletic Training Conference and State Meetings date TBA



Robert Colandreo, DPT, ATC, CSCS 

-Associate Professor, BSU

Dr. Colandreo is a recipient of the 2020 NATA Service award. This award recognizes ATs who volunteer throughout their community through athletic training.


Kimberly Wise, EdD, ATC

-Director of Clinical Education, BSU

Dr. Wise is a recipient of the 2019 NATA Service award. This award recognizes ATs who volunteer throughout their community through athletic training.

Jim Whelan, MSEd, ATC 

-Head Athletic Trainer, New England Patriots

Jim Whelan, BSU Alum, and his staff were awarded "Athletic Training Staff of the Year" from the Athletic Trainer's of Massachusetts (ATOM).  

2019 Outstanding NFL Athletic Trainer of the Year

Marcia Anderson, PhD, ATC, LAT

NATA Hall of Fame

-Inducted 2011


NATA Hall of Fame Profile

The National Athletic Trainers' Association is hosting the 71st Clinical Symposia & AT Expo in Atlanta, Georgia from June 17th to June 21st.

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EATA Meeting Highlights

Congratulation Faculty!


Phil Szlosek presented Teaching the Evaluation Process.

Jim Leone, Suanne Maurer & Gale McCall (G) presented on privilege and equaling the playing field.

ATOM President, Bob Colandreo, resided over his last meeting as President and was recognized for his leadership in the Commonwealth by receiving an award.  


Congratulations AT Students!


Rebecca Marszalek (UG) placed second in the District 1 'Quiz Bowl' competition & earned a spot to represent BSU and compete at the NATA annual meeting in June.  


Ryan Newton (G) received the 2020 Marcia Anderson Award. 


Kathleen Laquale, PhD, ATC, LAT, LDN

NATA Hall of Fame

-Inducted 2005


NATA Hall of Fame Profile

Student Spotlight - Everything Really is Bigger in Texas
Undergraduate students, Robert Farretta & Brandon Moreno ('18) speak of their clinical experience with the FC Dallas Professional Soccer Team.


Remarks from Robert Farretta, Class of 2018:

FC Dallas was such an exhilarating experience. Being at the professional level, there is a certain standard that is constantly associated with not just the First Team, but even with the Academy teams ranging all the way down to the U-12 squad. This standard is consistently providing maximum effort, dedication, and commitment. All of these components include, showing up everyday engaged and willing to learn, showing up prepared to showcase clinical skills, always open for positive feedback but also constructive criticism, and always outwardly expressing a passion for the profession. My time with the Academy youth teams significantly helped mold me into an independent clinical student. My time with the First Team significantly helped open my eyes to realizing that I can provide the best quality care possible to those athletes, and disregard the fact these athletes hold a professional status. The Athletic Training staff for FC Dallas are a perfect blend to be able to learn under. Each Athletic Trainer wields a certain aspect that is considered their speciality, so there are always multiple avenues for quality learning experiences. I will forever be humbled by the experience that was afforded to me. This is truly an amazing opportunity for anyone who has the fortune to be able to be a part of the FC Dallas team.

Remarks from Brandon Moreno, Class of 2018:


"Before I was accepted into the Bridgewater State University Athletic Training Program, I never would have thought that I would have been given the opportunity to be at the professional level. With that being said, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that I was given to be able to showcase my skills and knowledge that I have learned in the BSUATP at the top level of the sports world. Being 1800+ miles away from home was tough, but the family-like atmosphere at FC Dallas made this transition a lot easier. All of the staff, from the Head Athletic Trainer to the maintenance crews, worked in unison to provide an effective and successful environment for every team member to thrive in. FC Dallas provided their athletic training students with many opportunities to learn new and up and coming modalities such as Thermography, Diagnostic Ultrasound, and many more while working at the professional level of soccer.  These experiences added to the wealth of knowledge that I have learned in my tenure here as an athletic training student at Bridgewater. Being able to go to clinical in a professional stadium and work with top tier athletes everyday was an experience itself. FC Dallas not only allowed us to work with their first team athletes, but also, we were given the opportunity to gain experience in other settings such as a World Cup Friendly match and with their Academy teams. Working with the Academy Athletic Trainer gave us another perspective in AT as FC Dallas has one of the best, if not the best, Academy in the nation, and to see how it runs from the Athletic Training side was an amazing experience. With the use of preseason screenings including blood testing and Max VO2, each athlete (Professional and Academy) is assessed for potential risks and deficiencies prior to participation which continues along the line of the injury prevention scope of practice. FC Dallas was a great clinical site and I am thankful for my time spend there. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to learn under some phenomenal healthcare personnel and be able to network with some extraordinary professionals. I am looking forward to what the future holds after I graduate in May!"