Financial Aid

The Bridgewater State University Athletic Training Program offers no financial aid to any student. Students needing financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office at: for assistance, or the College of Graduate Studies for information on graduate assistantships here.


Prospective undergraduate and graduate students can find information about tuition & fees for Bridgewater State University here.


Along with the tuition and fees, students accepted into the ATP bear all costs associated with admission, didactic, and clinical experiences. These associated expenses may include, but are not limited to:


  • Physical examination and up-to-date immunizations

    • Physical exams can be performed at BSU Health Services at no cost to the student. Standard immunizations, tetanus/diptheria/pertussis (Tdap), measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), and hepatitis B, are also administered free of cost to registered students. Flu and meningitis immunizations are given ‘at cost’. Meningitis immunizations are roughly $100; influenza immunizations, when available, vary depending on market costs. BSU Health Services does not third party bill (submit fees to insurance companies). If your health insurance covers immunization including the meningitis immunization through your primary care provider, that route may be more cost-effective.



  • Annual Bloodborne Pathogens training and certification


  • National Athletic Trainers’ Association membership

    • $90.00 (2013 due structure); may be done online


  • Daily travel to/from campus to your clinical site

    • Clinical sites average from 15-45 miles one way from campus; students typically have two rotations at sites 35-45 miles away from BSU and two rotations 10-15 miles away from BSU (although this may be subject to change). When possible, students are encouraged to pair up with other clinical students placed at the same clinical site to travel and reduce expenses


  • Travel to/from physicians’ offices for orthopedic exams or to observe surgical procedures


  • Uniform staff shirts (if necessary)

    • Approx. $20-$30 each; while on clinical rotation, all BSU Athletic Training Program students are expected to display professionalism not only through behavior, but especially through attire (i.e., polo shirts; collared shirts; khaki pants; appropriate length khaki shorts; chinos; etc). Some clinical sites may provide clinical students with staff attire, while others may ask students to purchase attire.


  • Background (CORI) checks will be ‘at cost’ and will be determined by the BSU Police Department