Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training

The Athletic Training, BS program is being deactivated, and students that enter in Fall 2017 will be the last students that have the opportunity to be admitted into the program. Spring of 2019 is the last semester that the Athletic Training Program will offer the professional entry course (ATTR 241) for potential acceptance in to the undergraduate program. The Athletic Training MS Program will NOT be deactivated and will continue to admit students.

Beginning in the Fall 2007 semester, undergraduate students at Bridgewater State University seeking to become certified Athletic Trainers have had the ability to select the four year, Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training as an academic degree program. All students are required to complete the undergraduate athletic training program curriculum in the required sequencing, as outlined in the Undergraduate 4-Year Program of Study.


Once formally accepted into the program, athletic training students are required to complete approximately 200 clinical hours per semester across four, consecutive semesters. It is recommended that no less than two hours, and no more than six hours be spent at clinical on any given day, however there will be exceptions. The hours should average approximately 15-20 each week throughout the semester. These hours typically occur from 2:00pm - 9:00pm Monday through Saturday, depending on the clinical rotation. Due to this time commitment, it may not be feasible for students to work part-time or participate in extra-curricular activities during these hours. Individuals who have concerns about meeting the clinical hourly requirements should meet the Director of Clinical Education prior to applying into the Athletic Training Program. The academic and clinical plans must be approved by the Program Director and the Director of Clinical Education.


(Note: The BSU Undergraduate Program (Bachelor of Science) in Athletic Training is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The undergraduate program has been placed on Probation as of February 19,2016 by the CAATE, 6850 Austin Center BIvd., Suite 100, Austin, TX78731-3101)

Application Materials

Complete Admission Packet Due March 1st, 2016


Curriculum and Four Year Course of Study


Procedures For Admission into the B.S. Program


Application Checklist (under construction)

Athletic Training Handbook


Undergraduate Athletic Training Program Admission Application/Demographic Information Sheet


(The following six (6) items will be submitted as part of curriculum associated with ATTR 241)


Letter of Recommendation Form

(Print THREE copies of the Recommendation Form)


Clinical Observation Hours Form


Professional Code of Conduct & Oath of Confidentiality


Technical Standards for Admission


Communicable Disease Policy


Declaration of Understanding